RhinoShield SolidSuit Classic iPhone XS Max Black

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Our proprietary ShockSpreadTM polymer blend can absorb at least 11 feet (3.5m) of impact, surpassing the US military drop test standard. Best of all, it does the job despite being 20% thinner than other cases that offer a similar level of protection.

Capacity Storage

A Touch of Class
  • SolidSuit is our revved-up take on the traditional phone case. We precisely molded our signature ShockSpread™ material into a one-piece shell and added a premium finish to the back.
Carbon Fiber
  • Marvel at the beauty of carbon fiber without any signal interference. The matte surface resists abrasion while allowing for a good grip.
  • We use only real wood in this collection. The result is that each case is truly unique due to the natural variation of wood grain.
  • The SolidSuit Classic ups the ante in the category of minimal cases. The understated matte finish exudes elegance while providing improved scratch resistance.
  • Go luxe with our top-tier leather case. We use only high-quality genuine leather so you can get that premium feel without sacrificing protection
Tough yet flexible
  • The new ShockSpread™ material is super tough, making it incredibly difficult to break. This is because the material is able to resist larger forces. This same property means the case provides a tight fit, preventing your phone from falling out upon impact.
  • However, for a strong material, ShockSpread™ is surprisingly flexible. This means that the case bends slightly for easier installation, without permanent loosening.
Barely there
  • RhinoShield cases are among the thinnest and lightest protective cases you can find. The new ShockSpread™ reduces overall volume by 40% and thickness by 22%. Our cases weigh an average of 30g – equivalent to a AA battery.
Better for you
  • We have formulated the new material with your health and safety in mind. Our latest cases have been independently tested and meet the US FDA food-grade standards.
  • They also contain no BPA, BPS or BPF – chemicals commonly used in plastics which have been linked to possible developmental issues in young children, as well as reproductive toxicity.

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