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OZAKI O!fitness Apple Bluetooth Fat Burning Zone Indicator Fat burner indicator! The OZAKI O!fitness Fat-burn Bluetooth Fat Burning Zone Indicator works with iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4, and iPod Touch 5 and let you know how to lose fat efficiently. With features of heart rate monitor, voice coach, training calculator, it is your best exercise companion!

Capacity Storage

Personalized Fat Burning Zone
  • Automatically calculate your fat burning zone so that you can burn the optimal amount of fat and the least amount of carbohydrates – meaning a more efficient fat burning workouts with less fatigue and injury.
Heart Rate Monitor
  • While you workout O!fitness Fat Burn will measure your heart rate giving you the ability to monitor and keep track for a health fit heart.
Voice Coach
  • Helping you achieve your goal is one of the core responsibilities of the O!fitness FatBurn Pill and App, while you workout the voice coach will give you suggestions helping you to speed up or slow down so that you can stay in the ideal fat-burning zone.
Training Diary
  • Training diary is great for storing workout information and stats on your active lifestyle, and will definitely help to encourage you on the days you need it most.
Workout Calculator
  • After you workout you can consult Workout Calculator which will give you detailed information on how much time you spent, how much fat you burned – as well as your heart rate, distance run, number of steps you’ve taken, carbohydrate & fat percentages.
Bluetooth® Smart
  • Easy to connect to and use, simply turn on Bluetooth, launch the app, switch on your FatBurn Pill and workout to your hearts content.
FatBurn App Included
  • Comes with the official FatBurn App, simply go to the Apple App Store and download it to get fat burning today.
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