Divoom TimeBox Mini Blue

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Great audio.

Equipped with a compact 5W full-range driver, our acoustic engineers fine-tuned the Timebox Mini audio with the latest DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology.

Capacity Storage

Let there be light.

With a panel of 11x11 RGB LED, Timebox Mini delivers the most vibrant colors, and we also fitted it with the smaller LED. While consuming less energy, these smaller LED provides the almost equivalent luminosity as a 3W night light, and your pixel art now appear more vivid and detailed.

Pick your favorite.

Available in seven different finishes, you can always find your favorite Timebox Mini to suit your personal taste.

Unleash the creativity.

Creating pixel art has never been easier! You can create your awesome design within seconds. Doodle or Picasso, just unleash your creativity in the most convenient and modern way.

Make your own animation.

Make your own animation While you need creativity to make the pixel art, you also need the logic skill to chain theframes together into an awesome animation. This is exactly how cartoon is made, and it is not only logical.

Online Pixel Gallery.

As a true fan of pixel art, share your awesome designs with the rest of the world, where others can download your inspiring works.

The dancing lights.

Following the rhythms of your music, the Timebox Mini lights will dance to the beats. We also have some great lighting effects, where you can further enhance your audio experience with the vibrant patterns.

Don’t stop the beats.

Everyone’s a DJ with the Timebox-Mini. Play your favorite beat, and start jamming with the built-in sound effects.

Mood lighting.

The Timebox Mini has the similar luminosity as a 3W night light, where you can select the perfect lighting that suit your mood. Pick the color and brightness, play the favorite beat; the night is young.

Mini Games.

Enjoy the endless fun on these mini-games with your family. We will continue to roll out some retro pixel games for the classic fun.

Pixel Chat.

Unique chat system that only available between you and your invited buddy, where you can surprise him/her with a pixel design displayed on the Timebox Mini. You can send a pixel emoji/pixel design regardless your location; it will ‘magically’ appear on his/her Timebox Mini.

Weather Report.

Online weather report for your area, Timebox Mini is your little weather reporter on the clock.Weather report based on your GPS location.

Time Planner.

Studying for a final, working out at home, or keeping track of a babys dietary schedule; you can add/customize the planner on the Timebox Mini to better assist you.

Voice Memo.

Leave a voice message on the Timebox Mini, its your personal reminder or a fridge notepad for your family.

Stay updated.

Every Timebox Mini will continue to evolve throughout the software updates, where we will fix bugs send updates, and release new functions. This is not the boring average speaker; this is a tiny entertainment center that continues to evolve.


Divoom TimeBox-Mini is the most unique desktop companion with the versatile functions up in its sleeves. It’s a fine-tuned Bluetooth speaker, a pixel art canvas, a smart alarm, a LED lamp, also a powerful computing device. It will continue to evolve through the software updates, where it brings excitement and fun into your daily life.


* Exclusive chat: 1 to 1 private chat w/pixel designs.

* Sleep aid: over 30s built-in audio and visual aids.

* Planner: time management for important events.

* Pixel art: easy to make pixel design and animation.

* Notification: reminder for social media events.

  • 90L x 38W x 91.2H mm
Driver size
  • 2 full range
Output power
  • 5W
Signal to noise ratio
  • 78dB
Battery Capacity
  • 2500 mA
Battery Voltage
  • 3.7 V
Battery Charge Time
  • 3-3.5h hours
Playback Time
  • Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth compliant
  • Bluetooth V4.0 smart.
  • 292g
Frequency Response
  • 60-20000Hz

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